The Ogre

As the Elf are an attractive, but distant race, the Ogre are physically intimidating but much more open. On average, the brown-skinned Ogre stand approximately 7’ tall, with some reaching 8’. Heavily and densely muscled, they are a large species. Further enhancing their otherwordly, and to some horrific appearance, is the fact that they are six-limbed. Bipedal in posture and movement, they have four limbs that emerge from a upper body that is proportionally longer than would be expected. All four limbs appear to be equal in all degrees of mobility and sensitivity. Finally, with regard to appearance, the Ogre are completely hairles; but males have bony ridges on their foreheads, and upper back and shoulders. Due to the nature of these ridges, it is believe this may have been a result of sexual selection pressures.

The Ogre are a open and relatively adaptable people who have quickly spread throughout earth. Though persecuted and feared in a number of parts of the world, those who have established relationships with them and seen past their startling appearance have found them to be mild-tempered and genial, quick to laugh and compassionate. They maintain the same religious belief systems as the Elf, with slight modifications.

The Ogre were actually a species conquered by the Elf hundreds of generations earlier. Enslaved by the Elf, they were then bred for adaptability and pliability. Odd from humanity’s perspective, the Ogre, in general, do not appear to harbor any deep-seated resentment of their state. In fact, it is only in the recent generation, and perhaps due to contact with humanity, that a small “reparations” movement has fermented amongst the Ogre.

Notably, the Ogre are a relatively short-lived species, with a natural life span of approximately 60 years. It is unknown whether this is a result of their selective breeding or inherent to the species.

The Ogre

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