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2247 AD

2247 AD is a campaign set in the far future, merging elements of cyberpunk, urban fantasy, and post-apocalypse. This campaign site is mainly for developing the campaign amongst the GM and players.

We will use the HERO SYSTEM 6th Edition for developing the rules structure and setting in a collaborative fashion.

The core premise of the setting starts from the relatively contrite and cliched notion that an alien space craft crashes on earth,allowing the presence of various races on the planet without the need for RIFT-esque parallel worlds or a Shadowrun-esque “awakening.”

The arrival of the aliens and the resulting cataclysm of having a gigantic-ship crashing on the earth is both a catastrophe and an opportunity. Their arrival certainly creates an apocalypse wherever they crash, setting of a chain reaction of events that have geopolitical and ecological consequences. The crash occurs in 2012 to play of the Mayan calendar myths and such.

The plan is to have the ship be a sort of last-ditch “ark” for a space-faring civilization with up to 250,000 sentient inhabitants spread across 2-3 species/races and numerous non-sentient species that slowly escape after the crash and spread throughout earth. Thus, allowing for the presence of alternative races and “monsters.”

The sentient species will generally be benign to humanity, but the expected conflicts should afford plenty of interesting interactions. In essence, the new arrivals are not here to conquer or pillage the earth by any means.

In fact, to mitigate as much damage as possible to the inhabited earth, they actually crash land their craft in a relatively unpopulated area, perhaps Australia’s Outback, the Sahara desert, or even Antarctica. In exchange for our “hospitality” they share their advanced biotechnology.

The campaign takes place a hundred or so years after the event, in order to allow for things to settle down and for the first generation of humans to make contact to have died. The current population has, to some extent, taken the newcomers for granted as they have grown up with them there.

So, after a bit of discussion on the Hero forums, I have hammered out a basic conceptual sketch of thecampaign setting.

Thelarge alien space-ark has crashed in the Sahara. Due to the “probability wave” that was unleashed at the time of the ships entry into the system, havoc was wreaked on the world, resulting in a “awakening” of humanity to the astral realm. In essence, the aliens brought with them “magic.”

The story takes place approximately 100 to 200 years after the crash. The aliens, generally benign and fleeing a catastrophe in their own sector of space, have assimilated on earth as there is no chance of returning. The site of the crash has been designated their own city-state, but many have long since left and scattered into the world; similarly, numerous humans have entered the alien city-state.

Though bringing about significant social, geopolitical, and ecological changes, humanity has fared relatively well. The aliens have aided them in making great strides in technology.

With regard to cyber- and bio-ware, the notion is that humanity was already on track to do these things, but the arrival of the aliens and their technology simply speeds up the process.

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