The race, colloquially dubbed elfs, are a tall, lithe, and attractive species. Equivalent in size to humans, they tend to be lithe but with dense and strong muscles. Their skin tones vary in shades of blue and purple. Compared to humans, they tend to have sparse body hair, but maintain luxuriant hair on their heads that exists in shades of white, grey, blue, and black. Of course, it is dyed for aesthetic reasons in more varied colors. With almond shaped eyes and large pupils, their appearance is attractive to humans. Given the name they have been given, it comes as little surprise that they have long, pointed ears.

Culturally, the “elf” maintain a rigid and complex caste system that is hard to fathom by humanity. In fact, the only ones who seem to have gained any semblance of understanding are the humans of the Indian sub-continent. In essence, the caste system seems to be based on skin tone, how light and dark the skin, and then on the nature of one’s occupation.

The Elf divided themselves into three core castes – priests, soldier, and workers. Within each, however, their appear to be additional layers of status and power. For example, within the priestly caste, one’s status appears to be based on God one represents. And, in the worker caste, there are myriad levels of status based on the nature of the occupation, such as manual laborers, academics, merchants, and so forth. There is also a “pariah” caste- often criminals and those who have stepped out of the caste system voluntarily or involuntarily.

As they have increasingly assimilated into humanity’s culture, the younger generations have begun to break apart the rigid caste strictures.

The Elf maintain relatively good relations with humanity but tend to come off as distant. This is partly due to their cultural nature and partly due to their reduced affective lability. In essence, they tend not to be as emotionally expressive as humanity.

Because of the manner in which their culture and appearance bears such a striking resemblance to Hindu mythology, their appearance on Earth heralded a resurgence of Hinduism and, in fact, the emergence of a subsect referred to as Neo-Hinduism led by those who believe that the Elf are avatars. The more nefarious amongst the Elf have taken advantage of this belief to amass some degree of power in the rural areas of India; others have simply shrugged it off with amusement. Notably, although the Elf are polytheistic, their mythology and belief system has little resemblance to Hinduism


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